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      \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{\Large\bf Jacob L. Bathman}
      \moveleft\hoffset\vbox{\hrule width 8in height 1pt}\smallskip
      \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{(Contact info available by request)}



      \textbf{Master of Public Service and Administration}         \hfill Texas A\&M University\\
      Bush School of Government and Public Service \hfill Class of 2010\\
      Concentration: Public Policy Analysis; Energy, Environment, and Technology Policy 

      \textbf{{Bachelor of Science}}, Political Science \hfill Texas A\&M University\\
      Minor: Communication \hfill Class of 2008

      \section{RECENT EXPERIENCE}
      {\textbf{Public Health Emergency Management Coordinator}} \hfill   Feb 2012---Current \\
      Collin County Homeland Security {\em in} McKinney, TX
      \begin{itemize}  \itemsep -2pt %reduce space between items
      \item Manage seven PHEM staff members and oversee annual CDC grants
      \item Create \& maintain public-facing website, database, and other internal and external technical tools, using HTML/jQuery frontend and PHP/MySQL backend

      {\textbf{Public Health Emergency Management Planner}} \hfill   Feb 2011---Jan 2012 \\
      Collin County Homeland Security {\em in} McKinney, TX
      \begin{itemize}  \itemsep -2pt %reduce space between items
      \item Increased use of technological tools, including development of time sheet planner for staff use
      \item Organized and maintained ongoing office recycling program, collecting nearly 60 lbs. per month

      {\textbf{CRI Coordinator}} \hfill            Aug 2010---Feb 2011 \\
      Collin County Homeland Security {\em in} McKinney, TX
      \begin{itemize}  \itemsep -2pt %reduce space between items
      \item Planned County response to public health emergency (e.g. Zombie Apocalypse) using federal stockpile

      \section{OTHER EXPERIENCE}
      {\textbf{Intramural Sports Supervisor}} \hfill            Jan 2009---May 2010 \\
      \tab Texas A\&M Dept. of Recreational Sports {\em in} College Station, TX \\
      {\textbf{Congressional Intern} (unpaid)} \hfill            Summer of 2009 \\
      \tab Office of Congressman Harry Teague (NM-02) {\em in} Washington, D.C.\\
      {\textbf{Team Leader (supervisory)}, Presentation Team} \hfill Jun 2008---Oct 2008 \\
      \tab Target {\em in} Bryan, TX\\
      {\textbf{Student Intern} (unpaid)} \hfill            Summer of 2006 \\
      \tab Texas Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division {\em in} Houston, TX\\
      {\textbf{Civil Servant} (paid internship)} \hfill        Summer of 2005\\
      \tab NASA, Johnson Space Center, Computer Security Division {\em in} Houston, TX

      \section{TECHNICAL \\ SKILLS \& \\ TRAINING} {\em \textbf{Languages \& Software}:} \\
      {\em High Proficiency}: \\
      \tab --- Web development using HTML/CSS and jQuery (AJAX) for API interface, support \\ \tab \tab and back-end development using PHP on LAMP. Version control using Git and GitHub\\
      \tab --- Windows, iOS, \& Mac OS X; Microsoft Office 2003$^{\hbox{}_{+}}$\\
      {\em Moderate Proficiency}:\\
      \tab --- \LaTeX \ typesetting, Visual Basic for Applications; STATA \& SPSS \\
      {\em A Bit Rusty}: \\
      \tab --- Python, C$^{\hbox{}_{++}}$, AppleScript; Ubuntu Linux;

      {\em \textbf{Creative \& Design}:} \\
      --- Freelance and volunteer live technical production, video production and creative design\\
      --- Final Cut Studio, Aperture, Adobe Premiere and After Effects; Adobe Creative Suite, esp. Illustrator, \\ \tab \tab Photoshop, and Lightroom; Google Sketchup and Earth\\
      {\em \textbf{Certifications}:} \\
      --- CPR/First Aid Instructor (BLS); Amateur Radio General Class (call sign: KF5IIC)\\

      \centerline{\em Technical \& Creative portfolio available at}